"Mucci Spores are the UK leaders in Professional Spores and Support needs"

About Us

Mucci Spores were established in 2017 on a market leading auction site and became a top rated seller in the UK market for our substrate for mushroom growing hobbyist needs. 

Our Legal and Ethical Policy

All Spores are intended for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only. 

Images provided are for informational and educational reference only and originate from cultivators and labs that comply with their legal requirements. 

Cultivation of certain species is illegal in many countries including the UK.

“Under Clause 21 of the Drugs Act 2005, it is an offence to import, export, produce, supply, possess or possess with intent to supply magic mushrooms”

Please check your local regulations.

For advice on the above email us 


Team Mucci


Returns and Quality Assurance Policy

Mucci Spores Quality Assurance procedures ensure every customer gets high quality ready to use products that are fully sterilised. 


We use careful select all of our packaging materials and currently use “Double Walled Cardboard Boxes” “Bubble wrap” and sealed with tape to ensure your package in safety received. 

We also fully seal our syringe products to maintain sterilisation via “vacuum packing”

Our Substrate Policy

All our substrates are covered for 14 days if you are not happy with the arrival condition of the product. We can not be responsible for contamination of bags once you inoculated them via you chosen Method

Any Issues reach out to us via our email: sales@muccispores.co.uk 

or our socials linked below


Team Mucci